Securing Your Global Workforce

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The world is open for business, and companies hire and send more people abroad than ever. Base Operations keeps the global workforce safe and connected, especially in markets with high crime rates but poor access to crime data. Intuitive heat maps, safe routing, and geofenced alerts mitigate risk, while check-ins and access to local resources support crisis response. Base Operations’ patent-pending platform aggregates crowdsourced and official crime data, powering an app for employees and a dashboard for security personnel. Base Operations is backed by leading investors in the security space and is piloting with innovative companies seeking best-in-class solutions.






Secure Global Workforce

Base Operations serves as a company’s hub for engaging and protecting employees all around the world.


Scale Duty of Care

Base Operations’ lightweight platform scales quickly to cover the cities that matter most to our customers.


Manage Crises

Companies coordinate employees with notifications and dynamic emergency plans, keeping employees safe and maintaining business continuity.


Visualize Data

Security personnel and employees instantly and intuitively understand the crime layout of a city with aggregated and proprietary data.


Route and Geofence Alerts

Travelers and locals navigate the city with patent-pending safe route technology and stay informed with alerts when entering high-crime areas.


Monitor performance

Security personnel compare emergency response time across crises, benchmark performance, and quantitatively justify their work to top management.




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Enterprise Dashboard Demo