Base is reinventing how companies manage the risk of having employees travel internationally. The Base Enterprise SaaS solution includes a dashboard for security personnel which connects to employees in the field. Features include an employee check-in system for crisis management, routes to destinations, tailored and real-time notifications, interactive emergency plans, and intuitive visualizations to help users manage their trips. Base's patent-pending platform pulls information from multiple sources, including crowdsourced data, to provide the most comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground.


Cory Siskind, Founder and CEO

Scott Money, VP of Engineering

Stefan Ramsbott, Senior Product Leader

Jeremy Hurewitz, Director of Business Development


Eric Rosenbach- Former Chief of Staff to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and current Director of Harvard's Belfer Center

John Sullivan- Chief Security Officer of Boston Scientific, Former CSO of Starbucks

David Reich - Head of Product Strategy at Uber

Gabe Rosen -Business Development at Palantir

Maureen Stancik Boyce, PhD - MIT Sandbox Mentor and Partner at Good Growth Capital

Nick Panes - Senior Partner at Control Risks and former Managing Director of CR Mexico


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