We are hiring.



Base Operations is reinventing how companies and individuals navigate emerging market cities. We are an early-stage, Harvard and MIT-born, high-impact startup dedicated to promoting transparency and accountability. We participated in 1776 and Techstars, two top accelerator programs, and are backed by tech-forward VCs like Glasswing Ventures. Find out more about what we do here.

Why work at Base Operations?

You will work in an environment where everything you contribute is incredibly important to the end product and success of the company - you will not be just a cog in the machine. You will have real ownership over your projects and contribute significantly to the direction of our company. You will also be making the world safer while disrupting the $11B travel risk management market.

What We Value

For all positions, we especially prize people who:

  • Prioritize and think in terms of end-user experience, usability, and value

  • Document key decisions and details

  • Take initiative and self-manage, prioritize, and deliver

  • Understand and pick up new technologies quickly

  • Are comfortable working in and can contribute to an agile system

  • Can navigate the tradeoffs between long term, high initial-cost and short-term, low-cost decisions

  • For our technical roles: write clean, reusable code

If interested, send resumes or any questions to info@BaseOperations.co.

Senior Full stack Engineer

Base seeks an experienced developer to help maintain, iterate on, and define our mobile and web products. The Full Stack Engineer will be a key decision maker in guiding the direction of the company and its products from day one. This engineer will work across and help define many different aspects of our stack.

Required Skills:

  • 5+ years of engineering experience

  • Production-level experience developing a Javascript application

  • Significant experience with React and related frameworks (e.g. Redux)

  • Experience working with both sql and nosql databases

  • Familiarity with web protocols (HTTPS, AJAX, RESTful calls, etc.) and technologies (HTML5, CSS, ES6 JS)

Preferred experience with:

  • Flask & MySQL

  • Firebase services such as Realtime Database and Cloud Messaging

  • AWS services such as Elastic Beanstalk, Cognito, RDS, etc.

  • Analytics and User Engagement platforms such as Segment, Google Analytics, Intercom, etc.

  • React Native

  • Mapping APIs/technologies (Mapbox, Google Maps, Geojson, etc.)

  • Intermediate written Spanish

Senior Product Leader

Base seeks a world class product management professional to develop, test, and launch the second iteration of our platform. The work involves getting inside the heads of emerging market residents, business travels, and security personnel to uncover challenges and opportunities. The Senior Product Leader will be a key decision maker in guiding the direction of the company from day one.

Required Skills:

  • 5+ years of product-oriented experience

  • Experience interviewing users and synthesizing their needs and feedback using agile frameworks (such as Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, etc.)

  • Development and implementation of product roadmaps using tools (such as Slack, Trello, Jira, Asana, etc.)

  • UI/UX design support

  • Ability to gathering competitor intelligence, on the product and feature level

  • Product validation through user tests (A/B tests, mockups, prototypes, and creative, hacked MVPs)

  • Experience determining, monitoring, and reporting on key performance indicators and user metrics

  • Comprehensive understanding of the tech stack and ability to communicate it to non-technical stakeholders

  • Contractor management

Preferred experience with:

  • Bringing several products to market

  • Identifying strategic partnerships for potential complimentary product offerings

  • Intermediate written and spoken Spanish

Mobile App Engineer

Base seeks a seasoned mobile app developer to help maintain and further develop our mobile application. The work includes extensive use of React Native along with native Swift and Java components to target iOS and Android mobile devices. There's an extensive map-based component, which includes complex features such as safe routing, in addition to typical UI and feature development required for a mobile application. The Mobile App Engineer will be a key decision maker in guiding the direction of the company from day one.

Required Skills:

  • 5+ years of engineering experience

  • Significant experience with React Native

  • Experience with native Android and/or iOS development

  • Familiarity with web protocols (HTTP, AJAX, RESTful calls, etc.) or web development

  • Strong UI/UX skills

Preferred experience with:

  • Full-stack web development

  • Mapping APIs/technologies (Mapbox, Google Maps, Geojson, etc.)

  • Intermediate written Spanish

Data scientist

Base seeks a Data Scientist to help us scale our platform around the globe. The work involves actively developing, managing, and evaluating our four information streams: internet/social media, government data, strategic partners, and reports from our consumer app . The Data Scientist will play a key role tackling a tough data science challange that is key scaling our platform to millions of users. This position is open for contract work initially. 

Required Skills:

  • Strong algorithms and data structures foundation

  • Extensive experience with machine learning and natural language processing

  • Strong background in statistics and data analysis

  • Experience parsing, processing, and analyzing big data sets

  • Significant experience with Python

  • Experience with SQL databases and queries

  • Experience with web crawling

  • Intermediate written Spanish